General V8

Does VPOP3 support 2FA for email?

Hello, I note from your blog post of November 8, 2018 ( that version 7.8 supports 2FA for Webmail/admin access. That is presumably when VPOP3 is acting as a server for users to connect using a browser? My question is whether VPOP3 will also support 2FA acting in "client" mode, to connect to an external mail server which supports 2FA? Thank you, Rosemary

Failing to send to new SMTP provider

So I have had to change from 123-reg to as my email service provider as 123-reg have removed their 'catch-all' forwarding option. Moving to was easy and quick to do. BUT I am having issues sending emails through their SMTP server. The error message I get is User [] not authorized to send on behalf of <> I am connecting using STARTTLS and as I said POP collection is not a problem. Does anyone have any ideas? T...

DMARC Reports, the Amazon and Google mystery

I've recently set up everything on SPF, DKIM, DMARC and TLS with a view to try and control the use of my email domain and I'm getting lots of reports that make no sense to me. I'm seeing lots of email reports from google and amazonses, some showing the emails originated from my vpop3 server, some show they originate from google or amazon themselves. I've started to use a DMARC analyser to try and work out where they are all coming from and why, including making sure I have both the rua and ruf...

v8.2 on windows server 2019 won't start

I have followed all the instructions for moving vpop3 enterprise (latest) from an old windows 2008 r2 server to a new windows 2019 server. All updates installed. Everything installed correctly without errors. The dbrestore completed correctly. However, when trying to start vpop3 service it stays in a "start pending" status (delayed start) for over 20 minutes and nothing happens. US phone number (Eastern Standard Time) is 937-236-8029. I still have the old server up so I started the service...