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SSL error

I am getting this error in my logs for an email address we are having trouble sending to. Any suggestions on what is going on here would be great. The admin on the recieving end sees no connection at all replaced the domain. 22/6/2017 15:23:35.748 - [SMTP MX (1291)] - MX Failed to connect to any MX servers ( - Uninitialised 22/6/2017 15:23:57.243 - [SMTP Server(SMTP Server) - 19106] SMTP Server - Abort 22/6/2017 15:27:51.565 - [SMTP Server(SMTP Server) - 19112] SMTP Server - Abort 22...

Force outgoing email to local domain out to SMTP service

I need to force email to a particular address on a local domain out via the smtp server, but it doesn't go, like all other email on the local domain it goes to the local mailbox. How do I make it go to the smtp service and out.? This knowledgebase article tells you how to configure things so that email for a specific local email address gets sent out to the Internet instead of handled internally by VPOP3

Cannot start VPOP3 Service

After a system crash I cannot get VPOP3 to start The db service is started fine but every attempt to start VPOP Basic Email Server service fails with The VPOP3 Basic Email Server service terminated with the following error: Cannot create a file when that file already exists. I had an issue in the past where the DB service would fail to start and I had to remove the "" from the vpop3\pgsql\data folder However I have attempted to remove files that are in the vpop3 root folder th...