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Blacklist Addresses still getting through into inbox?

Hi We have an extensive list of Blackmail addresses but recently seeing a lot of the addresses getting through into our inboxes? Is there anything we can do? The spam filter address blacklist just affects the spam filter score, it does not automatically block messages. So, if there is some other spam filter rule which affects it the other way (eg the address or word whitelist), that could counteract the blacklist. Or if the spam filter quarantine is disabled, either globally or for that user,...

Failed Login Report feature request

Having discovered some nasty little so-and-so trying to hack our VPOP3 server, I have enabled the Failed Login Report. (The logs showed that he had been doing this for several days, before I noticed and moved his IP to permanent block. I want to be swifter to act in future.) However, most days the Failed Login Report has nothing to say, so just clogs up my inbox, although I appreciate the reassurance value of always having a report. I would like to write a Thunderbird email rule that recognises...

.xyz and .icu domain spam

Hi We are seeing a lot of .xyz and .icu domain spam. Is there any legitimate use of these domains? If not, what is the best way to ban all .xyz and .icu domain emails? Thanks Andrew It's impossible to know whether there's *any* legitimate use of these domains, because you can't see a list of all the companies that use them. The current VPOP3 spam filter should block .icu domains, as they are known to have a low reputation and several other spam filters also have a blanket block on them at the m...

Export a user's email to a file (pst?)

We have users who have left the company but whose email we want to retain for legal purposes. We would like to export all their email into a (pst?) file and then delete the user from VPOP. Is this already feasible? If you edit the User and go to the Folders tab you can export the messages to either a ZIP file full of EML files or to MBOX files. MBOX (folders) and EML (messages) files are standard formats used by most email software other than Outlook which uses its own proprietary formats. ...

delete message after x number of days on pop3 client

We use POP3 message connection by outlook clients. Some people have outlook on their phone (iPhone in these cases) and outlook on their computer. Both are set to delete messages after 7 days when removed by the client. This is not working as messages removed over a month ago are still on the server. Vpop3 basic 7.7 resides on a MS Server 2008 R2 system. Incoming mail to server is via smtp as well as outgoing. Clients connect via pop3 to collect mail. I do know that setting a phone to pop3...

Manual collection of email from ISP?

Hi, Used VPOP3 v1.4 many years ago during employment with a previous company and would like to do the same for my new employer. For reasons I needn't go into here, having VPOP3 collect mail from our ISP on a regular schedule wouldn't always be ideal, so I was wondering if VPOP3 Enterprise v7 still has the option for manual collection? I recall this option was chosen via a "Connect Now" button in the old (v1.4) version of the software. Thanks in advance Alan Yes, you can still set collection...

VPOP3 Address Book Download & Update

As per the subject is there a method of: Downloading the VPOP Address Book as .csv Importing an amended & updated Address Book via .csv Regards Allan

compress database

We have been with Vpop for many iterations. Since 2.0. During this time the database has been changed, updated, etc. Also archived after a long period so the database is probably oversized. Is there a way to compress and free up space? Recently had drive go to zero space available, I know my fault for not monitoring, and looking at files sizes I cannot see any taking up that much space. There are also a few files designated as "old" such as spamfilter.db.old and web_mail_old. One folder I...