Receiving Mail

Block mail from certain domains

If you want to block mail from certain domains, eg *.ru or *.cn, then you can create 'rules' in VPOP3 to do this for you. Where and how you create the rules depends on how VPOP3 receives mail and on exactly what you want to do. VPOP3 Spamfilter If you use the VPOP3 Spamfilter and want the spamfilter to quarantine the message, you can add something like this to the spamrules_userchecks.txt file in the VPOP3 directory: DefineRule "MyRule" 1 "My spam rules" BulkScan Score [MyRule] From /\.r...

Whitelist attachment types using Advanced Attachment Filter Rules

> is it possible to configure whitelist attachment filtering? > So only let pass some defined extensions? > > e.g.: > Allow: pdf, jpg, docx, zip > Block: all others Yes. You can used the advanced attachment filter rules: Eg: { #Allow pdf jpg docx and zip files Filename extensions pdf jpg docx zip Stop } #block everything else *

BATV errors with third party email filtering service.

> We've recently started > using <a service provider> to filter incoming email as we were already > using it as a backup MX and the extra layer of virus and spam filtering > is attractive. > > I'm seeing some bad BATV recipients and recipients not recognised errors that I > don't really understand because the recipients are valid. I'd talk to your service provider. BATV works by altering the 'return path' of outgoing mail in a way that only the sending ser...

Skip attachment filtering for one sender

> is it possible to unblock ( message filter) zip files from one domain "" > at present we block all zip files but need these reports from them > if so how please As you are using a version of VPOP3 prior to v6.9, all you can do is not block any attachments from "" To do this, go to the Settings -> Attachment Processing -> Filtering Conditions tab and in the 'Skip Filtering' box, add something like: From: **

Stopping "Non-existent user" messages when downloading using POP3

> Please can you tell me how to stop VPOP3 sending "VPOP3 Alert - Non-existent user" email messages to postmaster This error is sent because there's a routing problem in the POP3 Mail Collector - it can't find who to send the message to. So, you change the error handling behaviour of the Mail Collector in the Mail Collector settings. In the VPOP3 settings, go to Mail Connectors -> Mail Collectors -> (your collector) -> Routing Errors, and choose what you want VPOP3 to do if it can...