Be able to release messages from quarantine by email

Mar 08, 2017
Paul Smith wrote
From: M. Friedrich

While external workers have no access to the mail server and for security reasons, ports are blocked, it´s difficult to view and release those emails which are tagged as SPAM.

So I would like to suggest a new feature:
Aside the "View" link in the report, add another link, let´s say "Release". If I click there, the local mail software like OUTLOOK or THUNDERBIRD will pop up (MAILTO:), to send a message to VPOP3

Receiving this mail, the message contains the order for VPOP3 server to release the specific mail.
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Mar 08, 2017
Paul Smith agent wrote
As an alternative, I'd suggest simply turning off the Quarantine in VPOP3, and have the users set up 'Inbox Rules' or 'Message Filters' to filter anything containing '[VPOP3Spam]' in the subject and put it into a 'Junk' folder (you can change that subject text in the VPOP3 Spamfilter settings). That way the user will not see the spam, but they can look in their 'Junk' folder on their email client to see any messages which VPOP3 filtered.

If you have VPOP3 Enterprise, you could set up a 'Message Rule' in the user's settings in VPOP3 to move messages if they have a 'Spam Score' over a certain amount (eg 100)