Finding archived messages after the files have been moved from outside of VPOP3

> I have moved the VPOP3 archived message files to another location without using the VPOP3 GUI and now I want to find one of these old archived messages.

This can be tricky . You could:
 - copy all the files back into the VPOP3 archive directory so that VPOP3 can find it, or,
 - find the file manually. This is quite complicated - see below - but will probably be quicker than copying all the files back so that VPOP3 can find them.

To find the archived file manually

If you do an archive search for the message and try to view it, it should show '***MESSAGE UNAVAILABLE***'. If you do this in Chrome and right-click the area which says MESSAGE UNAVAILABLE and do 'View Frame Source', the title of the window should say something like:
Replace 'logging_archiveviewlocal.html' with 'ajax_data_logging_archiveviewlocal.js' and load that page.

It should contain something like: 
"archivemessagethread":[["2475540","A01cb43bd8641c9f1000002f7.dat" ...
Take a note of the filename beginning with 'A' and ending with '.dat' (A01cb43bd8641c9f1000002f7.dat in the above example). That is the filename where the archived message is stored. The 2nd to 8th characters of the filename (01cb43b in this example) are the directory where VPOP3 will normally store the file.

When you have found the file, you can open it in any text editor. If you save it as a .EML file and remove everything up to, and including, the first '-' on a line of its own, then you should be able to open that EML file in any email client.