10060 error reported by VPOP3

> Recently Vpop3 has suddenly started generating POP3 connection errors like this on every connection. I have spoken to the hosting company and they do not feel that anything has changed. Please could you let me have your opinion / advice on this.

> Thank you in advance,

> > Pop3 Client not started - Couldn't connect to server OurISP (1).
> > Error:10060 [A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond. ]
> > Please check the "Connection" and "Mail Collector" configurations.

This 10060 error is a Windows error meaning that a connection can't be made to the remote server because it's not responding.

Common reasons are:
  • Incorrect server name specified in the VPOP3 Connector settings
  • Remote server is malfunctioning
  • Something between VPOP3 and the remote server is blocking the connection - eg hardware firewall, software firewall, Internet security software or antivirus software
If you have checked those and not found an obvious cause, the best next diagnosis step is to try the "telnet test".

At a command prompt on the VPOP3 computer, run: telnet <servername> 110
for instance: telnet pop3.myisp.com 110

What happens there? 

If it fails to connect, try the same thing from a different computer and see if that works. The results of those tests may give clues about where the problem is.