Disabling spamfilter false positive reports from being sent to PSCS

> I have noticed emails going to notspam@pscs.co.uk

> Is this a feature I can disable?

Yes, but it's not too straightforward to disable it totally - because it's an option which people choose when they release messages from the quarantine. 

The simplest thing to do to just make it not work is probably to create a Mapping of 'notspam@pscs.co.uk' to 'no-one'.

Other than that - to disable it for the administrator:

In Settings -> Spam filter -> Quarantine Viewer, at the bottom is an option to report false positives to us. To disable it you need to remove that from the HTML source. In VPOP3\_webmail\admin\utils_spamfilter_viewer.html, remove line 52 to have it default to 'off', and remove line 51 as well to not present the option to the user

That's in these lines:

if (d["autoupdatespamfilter"])
  domClass.remove("cellReport", "hidden");
  dom.byId("report").checked = true;

In VPOP3\_webmail\admin\utils_spamfilter_viewmsg.html at line 51, either remove the line totally to get rid of the option, or remove the 'checked' text on the line to have it default to not selected but be still available.
if (d["autoupdatespamfilter"])
   dom.byId("cellReport").innerHTML = "Report false positive to PSCS";
To remove it from the user's options in Webmail is simpler. Go to Users -> Bulk Edit Users. Select the users you want the change to apply to (eg search for Name matching '*', press Search, press Add to add all the users to the selected list. Now, Uncheck the New Value boxes for 'User can change actions on Quarantined Message Release' and 'Report false positives to PSCS on Quarantine Message Release' and press Submit to apply the changes to the selected users.

You can do it for individual users by editing the user, go to the WebMail Settings tab and the same options as above are in there.