Quarantine Report has invalid links

When VPOP3 generates the daily spam filter Quarantine report, it puts links in to allow easy viewing/release of the quarantined messages.

In some situations, these links may not work - for instance, if you are accessing your VPOP3 from across the Internet, or if you have changed the IP address of the VPOP3 computer.

VPOP3 gets the 'host' part of the link from the setting in Settings -> Spamfilter -> General -> Quarantine Settings called Quarantine Server Address

During installation, this will be set to the IP address of the VPOP3 computer, but you can change it whenever you wish, and subsequently generated emails will use the new setting.

For simple situations, using the appropriate local name or IP address will suffice, but if you want to be able to access the quarantine from both inside and outside your local network, you will need to use a DNS name which is resolvable both internally and externally.

Releasing messages

If the links are wrong in the email, you can still go to Settings -> Spam Filter -> Quarantine Viewer to view and release quarantined messages. Individual users can view their quarantined messages by logging into their VPOP3 Webmail account at http://<vpop3 server>:5108


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