Configure VPOP3AV to detect VBA macros & PUAs

Requires VPOP3AV v1.0.10 or later

VPOP3AV v1.0.10 has a couple of new options you can enable if you wish. To do this, edit the VPOP3\plugins\vpop3av\vpop3av.conf file using a text editor (such as Notepad)

You can add the following lines:

DetectPUA yes

This will cause the virus scanner to detect ‘potentially unwanted applications’. These are legitimate programs which can be used for nefarious purposes – such as password crackers or certain system tools. In many cases you will not want to allow these to be received by email.

OLE2BlockMacros yes

This will cause the virus scanner to block any files with VBA macros (whether or not the macros are known to be suspicious). Many ‘viruses’ use DOC or XLS files with VBA macros in to download malicious software when the files are opened. By using this option, then these files will be blocked. Note that this option may block legitimate documents as well.

For instance, if you want to enable both the above options, then the VPOP3AV.CONF file will have these contents:

TCPSocket 3313
MaxThreads 2
DatabaseDirectory .\db
StreamMaxLength 100M
TemporaryDirectory .\temp
DetectPUA yes
OLE2BlockMacros yes