About VPOP3 Software Maintenance

What is Software Maintenance?

Software Maintenance allows you to get any version upgrades free of charge when they are released during the period of validity of your Software Maintenance. It also provides you with basic email support during the maintenance period.

When you purchase a VPOP3 licence or a version upgrade you will receive 12 months free Software Maintenance. After that time, if you want to continue with Software Maintenance, you must purchase it at a cost of 25% of the full retail price per 12 months.

Do I have to have Software Maintenance?

No, Software Maintenance is totally optional.

If you don't have Software Maintenance, then your current version of VPOP3 will continue running, and you can still download old versions of VPOP3 in case you need to reinstall.
If you wish to upgrade to the current version, then you can purchase it at a reduced price, currently 50% of the full retail price, which includes 12 months of Software Maintenance again.

What if I have let our Software Maintenance lapse?

If you purchased VPOP3 over 12 months ago and have not renewed the Software Maintenance, it will have lapsed. You can purchase multiple years of Software Maintenance as required to bring it up to date (each purchase extends the expiry date by 12 months), but generally the best option is to buy an upgrade to the latest version at 50% of the full price, which includes 12 months of software maintenance

Are you planning on releasing upgrades?

We generally release an upgrade every few months.

How do I renew my Software Maintenance?

Just before your Software Maintenance expires, you should receive an email asking you if you wish to renew. This will tell you the renewal price and give you a link to be able to purchase the renewal.

You can also purchase by logging into our website and going to the View Existing Licence Details page