How to upgrade the VPOP3 Licence Size

To increase the number of users that your VPOP3 licence allows you need to buy an upgrade licence to the next higher licence size. You will receive a new licence code which you should enter into the software to activate the upgrade.

You can NOT add two licences together. For instance if you have a 10 user licence, you cannot buy a 5 user licence and add the two licences to make a 15 user licence. You must buy a 10 to 25 user licence upgrade to give you 25 users.

You can buy upgrades online from our website online order system. You will be issued with a the new licence codes immediately.

Upgrade prices are the difference in price between the two licence sizes, plus a 10 UK pounds administration charge (plus VAT if applicable).

You will not need to reinstall the VPOP3 software or make any configuration changes other than to enter a new licence code and add any new users you want to add (and any settings associated with these new users).