Import messages from Outlook into IMAP4 folders

> I currently have lots of mail stored in outlook.
> I am looking at installing VPOP3 Enterprise to use IMAP so I can access any mail from anywhere

> Is there a way to copy all existing mail from Outlook to VPOP3?

An easy way to do this is simply to drag the folders from the 'Personal Folders' tree in Outlook into the IMAP4 folder tree.

Alternatively we have a command-line tool which you can download from . The README file in the download tells you how to use it. This can import messages from a PST file into a VPOP3 account. You need to run it on the computer with Outlook, and tell it where the PST file is 
importtoVPOP3 pst:c:\users\me\outlook.pst svr: user:me pass:mypass