Autoresponder for all users

> Is there a simple way to set up a Global Autoresponder in VPOP3 Enterprise?

> I've checked all the settings and the Wiki, but I can't see an easy way to set up a single autoresponder which will trigger for incoming mail to any recipient.

No, there is no way to set a single autoresponder for everyone. You need to set up autoresponders for each user for whom you want it to be set.

The autoresponder templates ("global autoresponders" in older versions) help because you can set the text in one place, and then assign that autoresponder for each user who you want to have an autoresponder and set the appropriate dates for that user (some users may have different start/end times).

You may not want to set an autoresponder on all users, because some users may be special purpose mailboxes which receive automated messages or similar so an autoresponder is a bad idea.

Make sure that you suspend your subscriptions to any email discussion lists any of your users are on, or you may find yourselves blocked from them by the time you return.

Ensure that you set the autoresponder not to respond to the same sender more than once, otherwise you could have autoresponder loops with other people who have autoresponders configured, so you return to billions of autoresponse emails in your mailbox.

Be aware that your ISP may block you for causing excessive 'backscatter'.