Stop VPOP3 sending or collecting messages

To stop VPOP3 from sending or collecting messages, you can pause the Connector Schedule. Note that this will not stop incoming SMTP messages from arriving, or prevent users from sending messages internally, but any messages which are sent to external email addresses will be held in the Out Queue in VPOP3 until the connection is unpaused or manually triggered.

There are several ways to pause the Connector schedule:

  • Right-click the VPOP3 Status Monitor icon in the Windows task tray, and choose Pause/Resume Schedule
  • In the VPOP3 Settings, go to Connectors -> Connector Schedule and click on the Click Here to Pause Scheduling button
  • Create a file called SCHEDULE.PAUSE in the main VPOP3 installation directory. (This is useful if you want VPOP3 to start up with the scheduler paused so that you can change settings before it sends messages.

To unpause the schedule, you can undo the above actions as appropriate. If you resume the scheduling from within VPOP3, it will delete the SCHEDULE.PAUSE file if necessary.